Marketing Plan – Platinum

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our Platinum Marketing Plan.  At Evan Johnson Real Estate, we pride ourselves on customer service, communication with sellers and extreme internet marketing.  Everything we do focuses on getting the highest sales price in the shortest amount of time while meeting your goals. Speaking of your goals, we will discuss your particular situation, future plans and concerns, among items, and adjust our marketing as needed.


Countdown To Activate Home For Sale

Once we decide to work together on the sale of your home, we start the process moving forward to the actual day we “Activate” your home for sale in MRIS (MLS System).  Here are many of the preliminary actions taken to coincide with that planned date.

– Execute a Listing Agreement between Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, with Evan Johnson as your agent, and you, the Seller(s).  This document triggers the Platinum Marketing Plan and gives Evan Johnson Real Estate the authority to move forward with preliminary advertising, schedule contractors if needed, schedule photo shoots etc.

– Preliminary front photo and possibly front and neighborhood video footage.  We will be using a front photo in many aspects of our preliminary advertising as well as our ongoing advertising.  This should be done as soon as possible.

Owning the address in google– Own the property address on Google.  It is extremely important when a prospective purchaser searches your address, it is known that Evan Johnson is the listing agent and best contact for additional information.  While Google has their own algorithm to figure out what to display on page 1 of a search, our team has focused on “owning the address”.  This is done by several proprietary actions however the quicker we are able to get ranked, the harder it is for, Trulia or Zillow to rank us out once your home is activated in MRIS.

As you can see, Evan Johnson controls #2 and #3 of the Google search which includes the coveted ranking stars as well as a thumbnail. These two features highly increase the click through rate.

– Discuss Prep Work On/In Home.  We will assist with recommendations and contractors as needed but here are some thoughts:

– Does the home need any work done or repairs?
– How does the home show compared to the competition?
– Do we need to move any furniture or schedule staging?

– Floor Plans:  Some properties benefit from floor plans as part of the advertising.  We will confirm if this is the case and locate or produce new floor plans as needed.

– Send out a “Coming Soon” or “Open House” Post Card.  It may be thought of as “old school” real estate marketing however a post card mailing to your neighborhood can get prospective buyers more focused and aware your home is on the market.  We have even seen success in neighbors telling friends about your home for sale because your neighbor loves the area so much.

– Inform our Coldwell Banker offices.  Do to the market presence of our firm, we have the ability to notify other agents about your property coming soon via email blasts as well as weekly sales meetings.  Many buyer agents have clients that are just waiting for homes to hit the market, this is a great way to get the inside track.

– Photo Shoot.  Once the home is ready for photographs, we will move forward with the onsite shoot.  This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the home.  The photos are HUGE for advertising as they are online, print materials and email blasts.  Much time goes into not only the shoot but also the processing of the images from adjusting light, adding filters, removing trash cans and adjusting for lens distortion.  You must look the best!

– Print Brochure Development:  Once the photos are processed, the print brochure can be developed.  Our premium stock, high-gloss, tabloid size brochures have a ton of photos, property specifics and “call to action items” to get the buyers on our website or to contact us.  As buyers see the home, we want to make sure they have hard copy brochures with property details.

– Yard Sign Installation:  If allowed, street advertising from a yard sign can make our phones ring and website traffic go through the roof.  Based on regulations, we will schedule to have this installed a 1-7 days before activating the home.

– Electronic Realtor Lockbox:  Generally, Realtors with pre-qualified buyers, will use the lockbox for access to show the home.  The electronic lockboxes can limit access, report who uses them and when and is fully customizable to meet specific needs.  We will discuss your options and the typical process for other agent to show the home.


Activate Home For Sale

– Activation Day:  We have found that a great day to activate a home for sale in this market is Wednesday afternoon/evening.  There are many factors behind this but most important is it gives our computer systems time to alert prospective buyers of the new listing and schedule a weekend tour with us or their buyer’s agent.

– Website Syndication:  Upon activating your home for sale, we will activate the website syndication process.  We never know which website your home’s purchaser will be using so we simply cover them all!  From high profile sites like Zillow, Tulia,, Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo, we also focus our attention to $1 Million + home sites for that specific clientele.  By the time we are done, we have your home on 725+ websites for maximum exposure.

– 2 Custom Pages On will be the focus of controlled information on your home with a “Listing” page as well as a “Featured” page.  Not only will these pages get high traffic from internet searches, we will be using these pages to promote your home on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media outlets.  We ask that you also share these pages on the same social platforms, list serves and to colleagues.

– EJTV and YouTube:  We mentioned video earlier, however a longer, more descriptive video will be produced to support our webpages and YouTube channel.  YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google and we take advantage of that.  Plus, it makes our pages rank higher because Google LOVES video.

– Email Blast:  Part of our electronic advertising includes an email blast to get your home in thousands of email in-boxes.  Yes, some may not like spam however we have a very low unsubscribe rate due to quality content and, if it puts your home in front of the right people, let’s do it.

– Print Advertising:  Yes, newspapers still exist and we use them for display ads.  Some of the publications we use include District Home Magazine, The Current, Washington Blade, Metro Weekly and others based on many factors.

– Open House:  If you watch too much HGTV, you may think the only way to sell a home is through an “Open House”.   While we use open houses as an advertising tool, we will also discuss with you the benefits and pitfalls.  Open houses are typically conducted the first weekend the home hits the market and periodically through the listing period.

– Broker’s Open:  On Tuesday afternoons, many listing agents will add their new listing(s) to a “Broker’s Open”.  During this open, it gives real estate agents an opportunity to view many homes, in a quick period of time, to see how they fit a buyer of theirs or learn more about market conditions.  We will typically conduct a broker’s open on the Tuesday following the activation of the home.

– The Marketing Continues:  Once the initial marketing is complete, we analyze showing activity, market conditions, agent & buyer feedback, web activity and determine the best continued advertising until your home is sold.  We will also go back and take a look at where we targeted previously and repeat or adjust our campaign as needed.

– Keeping You Informed:  During the process of selling your home, communication is key.  We will be straightforward and consistent with letting you know what we are doing, showing activity, web activity, feedback and much more.  We are the key between you selling your home and finding the new purchaser.