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Brookland is a neighborhood in the DC’s northeast quadrant, historically centered along 12th Street NE. The President Lincoln and Soldiers’ Home National Monument is also located close to Brookland. The Lincoln cottage was the once rural place where President Abraham Lincoln spent the summers of 1862 to 1864, to escape the heat and political pressures of Washington. The neighborhood has been nicknamed “Little Rome”.

Like many other neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. since the 2000s, the neighborhood has seen significant revitalization in the past decade. The large-scale development known as Monroe Street Market has served as a spark for many other development projects and has attracted many new businesses and residents to the area.

Brookland has a small but thriving business community. Full-service restaurants include Menomale, Brookland Cafe, San Antonio Grill, Little Ricky’s, and Murray and Paul’s. There is one coffee shop, Askale Cafe. Carry-out and delivery services provide Chinese food and pizza.


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