16th Street Heights

16th Street Heights Real Estate

Located in the Northwest Quadrant of Washington, DC, 16th Street Heights is a predominantly residential neighborhood, and is known as one of DC’s most demographically diverse areas. Its borders include Military Road to the north, Georgia Avenue to the east, Upshur Street to the south and 16th Street and Rock Creek Park to the west.

The homes of 16th Street Heights very greatly, from stately single family homes located on 16th Street catering to a more affluent demographic, to more modest colonial, cottage and Victorian style homes on the side streets that run between 16th Street and Georgia Avenue. 16th Street Heights has seen much transformation in recent years as well. Houses throughout the area are being renovated, and many young families have moved there for the diverse housing stock and for the proximity to Carter Barron Amphitheater and Rock Creek Park. Many have also come to 16th Street Heights because homes in the area tend to be more affordable than similar ones in other DC neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods bordering 16th Street Heights include Brightwood to the north, Petworth to the east, Columbia Heights to the south and Crestwood to the west. Commercial venues, restaurants and shopping are plentiful on nearby 14th Street and Georgia Avenue.

Homes for Sale in 16th Street Heights

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