Be Prepared for This Weekend’s Snow Storm

The Evan and Mark Team January 20, 2016

We all know that weather predictions are often inaccurate. However, the national weather service is now forecasting very substantial to historic snowfall amounts for the D.C. area Friday into Saturday night or even Sunday morning, so it’s better safe than sorry!

Their current models suggest snow is most likely to begin between late morning and early afternoon Friday January 22, although a late afternoon onset isn’t out of the question.

Accumulation predictions are very substantial, as high as 30 inches in some cases, with more plausible totals in the 12 to 20 inch range.

To stay updated on DC weather emergency reports, click here to visit the DC Department of Human Services website. And if this does turn out to be a big one and you get snowed in, click here for information from the DC Department of Public Works on snow removal.

Good luck this weekend, stay safe, and stay warm!